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    Ann Marie is a natural light photographer based out of the beautiful Texas Hill Country. She focuses on detail and beauty in simplicity. She is an artist who specializes in all things related to Wedding photography. Currently she lives in Kerrville, Texas and has a studio downtown. She travels all over and loves destination Weddings. She loves mixing the old and new and is known for her storytelling beautifully lit photographs. Please contact her for availability and more information! God Bless

Witt is 11 months!

Well my little muffin is 11 months. Where did my little baby go? He has really grown up these last few months. With talking and walking with his little walker to sleeping through the night. Finally after 11 months of no sleep he has 10-12 hour nights! He loves food! He has 4 teeth he got all at once at 10 months. He loves bread, meat, cheese and peas! And he still loves my homeade apple/banana sauce. And ofcourse his beloved puffs and mum mums. He picks out all the meat and cheese and then eats his veggies. Pretty funny hes so particular already. He loves our dogs and especially likes to grab and pull on little Olive. Hes loves his Dadas, which is what he calls him. I just love him more than anything and cant wait until hes running around, collecting bugs, and saying I love you mommy:)

Starting out with the puffs…cant quite get them all in:)

He loves bath time and was ready to get his shirt off!

Olive its just tough love….

love the sun setting through our stained glass windows…and ofcourse how cute he looks in his little jeans

gimme those mum mums!

Im pretty serious most of the time. I get that from my moms side…

PeggyJanuary 12, 2011 - 9:53 pm

Could he BE any cuter? Can’t wait to see him (ok, and you & Beau!) in March!!

BeauJanuary 18, 2011 - 4:43 am

Little man sure is growing up in a hurry. I love the look on Olive’s face as Witt attempts to rip an ear off!

CynthiaJanuary 18, 2011 - 1:40 pm

Oooohhhh, my little man, growing up way to quick!! Such a precious gift from God….”I will give thanks to God, for Witt is fearfully and wonderfully made…” MiMi

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